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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

A F&B common happening

Yesterday was a very busy day, and something that I didn't expect happened..

I scaled my own hand with hot oil!!

Right after the oil on my hand, I put on cold treatment, lots of ice water, then I oil it with my magnesium oil, lavender balm and also Myrrh Essential Oil

After 4 hours of continuous applying EO and balm

This is like a thing in F&B, either scaled by water or oil.  I have always been very careful when handling them unfortunately, it still happened on me!

Now, my only pray is that the wound heal, and leave no marks around.. 

Pretty scary when it happen as I am caught off guard and still need to keep pushing myself since we were down with manpower.  I thank GOD the oil was not very hot even though I just finish frying eggs and it's healing well now.

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