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Saturday, January 5, 2019

Pork Noodle Series by Kedai Makanan Kuen You

Introducing our Pork Noodle Series!!

We have now 3 versions of Pork Noodles for your choice! 

1)  Original Pork Noodle

This has been our best sellers since our opening in June 2018.  We serve this with pork bone broth which does not lament with heavy MSG or Salt.  All goodness of broth can be well tasted.  We use Pork Ball, Pork Slice, Minced Pork and also Pork Liver.  Not forgetting, before we serve your bowl of pork noodle to your table, we will also add on Pork Lard to give the dish a top notch! 

2)  Bitter Gourd Pork Noodle

Some old folks always say, when you learn to appreciate Bitter Gourd, it also shows you have taken enough hardship in life.  The addition of bitter gourd gives the soup base and the noodle a combination of  heaven and earth!

3)  Curry Pork Noodle

We prepare our own curry paste to give you non preservative paste and you eats better.  This is a untraditional curry noodles which we do not use any taufu pok or cockles however we use all the Pork Noodle ingredients.  Again, before serving you this bowl of sumptuous noodle, we add a spoon of sugar free sambal belacan.

Come by to #kedaimakanankuenyou and try all these out!

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