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It was a double blow when I was left alone in the hospital by the “ex” on the day my child was born. I went through labour, and after birth pains, my ex decided to drop the bomb that he would never be able to give me the “dream” family as promised since the beginning of my pregnancy.

The only thing that hit my mind at that moment was how was I going to care for the newborn. Being single, not married, and having a child is one situation that is hard to explain to others. How was I even going to explain it to my child in the future?

I had no time to deal with the pain, both physically and emotionally. I thought of the first thing I could do to save on monthly expenditure. I made a swift decision to ensure that I breastfed my child exclusively in order to ensure that I saved on having to buy formula milk.

I was blessed with love showered by my family members and friends. Luckily, my aunt decided to help me during my confinement, which again, helped me to save some money. My mum and aunts helped with the preparations for my child's full moon party and packages. Friends and family gave big ang pows (gifts of money) to help me with my finances.

After the confinement month, I decided to inform my boss that I wanted to quit, and again, with the blessings from God, I had good fortune. My boss accepted my resignation and only deducted my earlier commission as compensation to the company.

The decision to quit was for me to recuperate from the pain and also to spend more time caring for the baby. I picked up some freelance job opportunities which let me spend my time at home while earning a little to spend on the necessities.

In order to overcome the financial issues, I took hand-me-downs from relatives and friends; I invested in cloth diapering in order to save on the cost of buying disposable diapers, which would have been too costly in the long run.

I only bought essential items for the baby and of course I prepared all meals at home. We often stayed home and only went shopping when required.

It has been a tough journey but I have enjoyed every moment spent with my child, seeing her grow into a healthy baby. I have no regrets each time someone asks me about it. It pains me each time I read reports on baby dumping as I can really understand the anxiety of the mother at that very moment. It takes a lot of courage to face the situation at that very moment.

While staying home, I started writing two blogs to journal my parenting journey, as well as my child’s developments to ensure that it remained recorded. By starting a blog, I also started earning from it. Little by little, it helped when money was needed. The blogs also served to help me work through any negative thoughts and feelings that I had along the way. Now, each time someone asks me about my journey, I direct them to the blogs. Isn’t that easier?

I have led my child to spiritual teachings and we both pray each night to seek God's protection and for a better future. My child and I have a very good relationship and we both spend time together when we can.

Now, my child is full-time in a childcare centre while I am back at work. The two years staying at home while earning from part-time work has eaten up all my savings and now I just have to get my feet on the ground and start all over again. Since I started working full-time, we have sometimes enjoyed some luxuries.

I hope that all mothers who think of dumping their baby will consider looking at the bright side and let the child live for his or her life under their mother’s care. God has a plan for everyone, and if he put you into that situation, I am sure he has a plan in mind to take care of you and your child.

Again, I want to say a big THANK YOU to my FAMILY!

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I have decided to close my story blog to public viewing, however, should you are interested to access the blog, you may drop me a comment or email and I shall consider revert with permission.

Thank you for the concern, however since it's all finish and complete of what is concern, guess this story should stay behind the back, and let it be there.  I will update the blog should I have rants and complains for my own reading and some friends who concern.

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